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The Difference Between Passion And Obsession


The word passion is so loosely thrown around these days. They say do what you love in life, what you’re passionate about, and the money, fame, success and happiness will follow.


I wish it were that easy.


I’m passionate about a great deal of things. Its not just like, these are things in which I really, really love. I’ll call them passions, but would I call them obsessions?


In my eyes, my mind, passion is something you jolt out of bed every morning to. Enthusiasm, excitement, a great love for. Obsession to me, is something you’d walk across white hot fire to. You’d die for it without a second thought. Passion is loving what you do, but perhaps being flexible when the going gets a little tough. Obsession is giving all of you, not caring how much of yourself you lose along the way. Obsession is key to anything that matters most to you, in every single facet of your life.


Steve Jobs preaches the words never settle. Therefore until you’re obsessed with something, don’t settle. Don’t settle in love, don’t settle in your job, your relationships, don’t settle with your health – don’t settle unless you know it’s bringing out the best for all involved.


I’m not talking about unhealthy obsession, I’m talking about passion so healthy and so deep that it moves your life and the lives of all those around you to something greater.


If you’re passionate about what you do, you’re one of the very privileged few. If you’re obsessed with what you do, you’re in the 0.01% and the rarest of rare.


We need more of the privileged few and the rarest of rare. We need more people obsessed with their calling in life, their purpose, whether it be to be the best father, mother, employer, employee, volunteer, whatever.


Your brother, sister, your very best friend. You mother, your father, your kids and wife. These are healthy obsessions. These are what maters most to you in this world, more than even you.


However you should be equally obsessed with yourself, in of course a healthy way. Perhaps you’d take better care of your body, your career, your mind, your wealth. Obsessed with you enables you to care strong for all things around you. Your ideal life starts with you. A better world is reality when we care so deeply. Only obsession can provoke and propel that.



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